“While parking at Town Dock, Port Washington, this weekend, I discovered your breads at their Saturday Farmer’s Market: wow! I knew I hadn’t carried enough of the rye sandwich breads home: they are gone already. My family and I are eager to learn more about your on-line ordering. Many thanks for making such marvelous bread available!
All best,”
-Rosanne Wasserman, Port Washington, New York

“I got my ‘ruisleipa’ yesterday. It was still moist and fresh and usually it lasts about a week. I personally like it after that, when the bread gets ‘old’. It becomes crispy and the sour taste doesn’t change.”
-Mauri Palmio, New York

“You just can’t find Bread like this anywhere in the USA—and I’ve looked! It’s totally different from those German or Swiss type mild ‘dark breads’ that you find in the supermarkets (those would leave the mighty Vikings unsatisfied).
It has just the right acidity to tease your taste buds and boost the taste of cheese and tomato, ham and whatever you happen to enjoy on top of it!
Most breads today are made industrially without the old traditions. However this Nordic bread has a unique Finnish sourdough starter, which has naturally developed to its full maturity over a period of time naturally like a great blue cheese or good wine It is amazing to think you are eating flavors which were created 30 years ago, nurtured and carried over from batch to batch thousands of times and finally brought overseas to meet the New York audience! That’s history! Thank you Chef Simo!”
-Veijo Tuoriniemi, Summit, New Jersey

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