Artisan bread baker Simo Kuusisto is proud to bring you Nordic Breads, his bread line featuring organic Nordic whole grain rye. Available now for the first time in the United States, these breads are known for their healthy nutrients and dense nature.

Nordic Breads Inc.

Nordic Breads has been baking Organic rye bread with an extraordinarily long shelf life shipped straight to your kitchen since 2007.
Nordic Bread’s Finnish Ruis Bread is baked in New York City with organic ingredients and age old Finnish techniques, providing them with an exceptionally long shelf life. As soon as they are out of the oven, we ship them straight to your own kitchen so they don’t lose any of that fresh baked flavor.

About the Baker

Simo Kuusisto hails from Oulu, in northern Finland, and has worked for over 20 years as a professional chef. Kuusisto’s passion for bread baking extends beyond his dreams. To master authentic Finnish fermented whole grain rye, Kuusisto made a special pilgrimage to Lumijoki, in northwestern Finland. There he met master baker Seppo Merilainen, whose family has been baking award-winning loaves savored for their chewy texture and rich flavor for over 30 years. Today, Kuusisto continues to hone his craft and refine his recipes while continually expanding his repertoire.

After graduating in 1988 from New York City’s renowned French Culinary Institute, (where he studied with culinary luminaries such as Jacques Pepin and Andre Soltner), Kuusisto launched his New York culinary career. Kuusisto held posts at the acclaimed Scandinavian restaurants Snaps and Aquavit, and later served as executive chef at the Swedish Permanent Mission to the UN and as the executive chef at the Canadian Permanent Mission to the UN.